Friday, August 5, 2011

No more Worms!!

This SOUP has really taken our work at the school in Uganda to the next level. You've probably already read that three medical students gave up their time to come perform full medical exams on all of the children. This was incredible! But once the medical students saw the reality of the environment our kids are living with, they knew that they had to come back out and follow up with all of the kids. They returned to the school two more times! They brought with them tons of medicine and band-aids. During these follow-up visits EVERY child at the school was de-wormed. People... this is incredible! So many of our precious kids have been suffering from worms that live and grow inside their little bodies. This not only has harmful physical effects, but is also extremely painful. We will continue to de-worm the kids every six months to ensure that they are living the healthiest lives they can. While at the school the medical students distributed medicine, bandaged wounds, and touched the hearts of all the children! They have also arranged for free AIDS/HIV testing for all of our kids as well as a dentist to come out and check on all of the kids’ dental health.

These medical students have exceeded our expectations by far. The willingness of people to share their talents and resources to help these children is absolutely inspiring! So now you ask: What ways can I get involved with the SOUP? Well, the SOUP has grown leaps and bounds this summer, and the best is yet to come! Email us at if you're interested!

-Sarah Thomas

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