Friday, November 13, 2009

To Write Love on Her Arms

Here's a simple way to get involved in solving 3 of what the I-Heart Revolution says are the top 20 wrongs of the world: lonliness, security, and suicide.

Today is "To Write Love on Her Arms" day, started by the organization of the same name, designed to show people with suicidal thoughts that there is hope.

To read more about this project, visit

Different Continents, Same Movements

There is so much more going on across the world right now than most of us realize. Not only in poverty and problems, but in organizations, ministries, and people who are trying to help and solve these issues. Here a couple of movements that are making huge differences and need to be highlighted:

A couple of weeks ago, a documentary was released in Australian movie theaters called Call and Response. It is a "rockumentary" that exposes the truths that few people know about human trafficking, using music as the main way to communicate them. Director Justin Dillon dug deep into this massive industry, interviewing many victims and people involved, as well as actors and musicians on their perspectives on this subject.

This heart wrenching film will begin showing on US campuses soon, and hopefully will be released into US movie theaters spring of 2010. Their website,, provides 6 categories of how to get involved: act, give, speak, join, watch, and listen. Under these categories are many different ideas and organizations you can support or become a part of, as well as practical easy ways to spread the word about this movement and the horrors of human trafficking.

Another heavily influential movement right now is the I-Heart Revolution. Birthed by Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, the idea behind this movement came to their worship team, United, in Columbia two years ago, when they realized that the privilege and influence they had been given to tour the world with their songs should be used for more than just one night concerts and conferences. Seeing the extreme poverty that the majority of the world lives in, and realizing "the inseparable union that must exist in loving others, seeking justice, and making a difference in our world," they set out to connect people with hearts for people, no matter what community, class, or nation.

A three part movement called The I Heart Revolution then began. Part 1, "With Hearts as One," was a live DVD of their tour through 93 cities, mainly focused on how music told the stories of people on every continent, with a few interviews scattered throughout.

Part 2, "We're All in this Together," is a full length feature film that was released last Wednesday in movie theaters for one night only, so that the body of Christ could come together across the earth with one heart and one voice, to be stirred, "to ultimately work closer together in seeing the real needs of humanity collide with a love that can only be found in God who by definition- IS love." Setting the emphasis on doing whatever you can, wherever you are, Part 2: "We're All in This Together," a feature film, is "part apologetic, part documentary, part a call to action," and although it addresses what they see as 20 of the world's wrongs, it also addresses the overwhelming factor of realizing how much is wrong with the world and not knowing where to go from there. Although it is a call to action, "W.A.I.T.T." does not say that the only option is to go to the nations, but also speaks to helping people on our own doorstep. This incredible portrait of the human race and the many joys, griefs, abuses, stories, loves, and people that compose it, is simply the predecessor to the last part of the project.

Part 3 is the main focus of the I Heart Revolution, and it's the website,, that connects people globally, so that awareness will be raised through links, research, and facts; ideas will be formed and shared; and projects will be provided a platform to take off from. It's easy to get involved, set up almost like a social justice Facebook, so if you have ideas, or want to give/receive support for projects, go to to set up an account.

These are just two of the many justice movements being started and spurred on around the world. Sometimes we only see the poverty, the overwhelming problems that arise from such mere humanity, and we don't see the many people whose hearts and lives burn for helping solve these problems.

Look around at the people you see every day. How many of them, if they only knew simple ways how, would rise up to support, encourage, love, and take action against the injustices in this world? Let's keep spreading the passion and the practical responses as we raise awareness of problems and solutions.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Promising Beginning

After several months of sending out fundraising letters to newspapers and spreading the word around campus, the SOUP has officially been presented to members of Berry College's faculty.

Last week, a coffee house style Q & A session was held on campus to get professors and deans involved who had provided advice, support, or interest in the SOUP since the time when it was just an idea, a dream, a trip to Uganda.

Brin Enterkin presented the reasons and story behind the SOUP, ways to get involved, plans for the future, and a powerful slideshow that showed the realities of living as an orphan in that war torn nation. She then opened it up to questions, and received some difficult questions about logistics and overhead that were answered with surprising ease.

This was encouraging to hear for everyone, even those of us helping her out behind the scenes. We know the heart and story behind this project, but it was a comfort to see her easily handle these questions under pressure, showing not only her knowledge of the conditions of Ugandan orphans from extensive research and a summer of experience, but also her passion invested in the lives and futures of these children.

The SOUP was received with a warm welcome from Berry faculty, and a couple of staff members volunteered innovative ideas for fundraising and marketing.

We are excited to begin this journey into changing the lives of these children, and we cannot wait to continue telling people about how to get involved!