Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Promising Beginning

After several months of sending out fundraising letters to newspapers and spreading the word around campus, the SOUP has officially been presented to members of Berry College's faculty.

Last week, a coffee house style Q & A session was held on campus to get professors and deans involved who had provided advice, support, or interest in the SOUP since the time when it was just an idea, a dream, a trip to Uganda.

Brin Enterkin presented the reasons and story behind the SOUP, ways to get involved, plans for the future, and a powerful slideshow that showed the realities of living as an orphan in that war torn nation. She then opened it up to questions, and received some difficult questions about logistics and overhead that were answered with surprising ease.

This was encouraging to hear for everyone, even those of us helping her out behind the scenes. We know the heart and story behind this project, but it was a comfort to see her easily handle these questions under pressure, showing not only her knowledge of the conditions of Ugandan orphans from extensive research and a summer of experience, but also her passion invested in the lives and futures of these children.

The SOUP was received with a warm welcome from Berry faculty, and a couple of staff members volunteered innovative ideas for fundraising and marketing.

We are excited to begin this journey into changing the lives of these children, and we cannot wait to continue telling people about how to get involved!